Saturday, April 23, 2016


Acne often occurs in adolescence and can persist, unfortunately, to maturity, during which we struggle to eliminate all kinds of lotions and skin treatments, most often very expensive. What to do when acne persists?
 Here are some tips for improving acne:
 1. Remove the makeup tight evening homemade cleansers help to keep skin elastic, removes makeup and impurities accumulated during the day, moisturize the skin and give light. The best cleansers are natural almond oil, argan oil and olive oil. More ideas for preparing home cleansers can find here.
 2. Make face masks anti-acne 
The best remedies for acne are those that prepare you home from natural ingredients. They have no risk for skin and are very easy. Here you will find several types of anti-acne masks that are made with ingredients on hand in your kitchen. 
3. Read labels. If parabens and fragrance products contain, it is pointless to buy. Opt for more natural options, this way your skin eschew chemicals and many other baskets. 
4. Do not attack wheals on face. Yes, it is well known that everyone feels like to squeeze pimples, but this is not good for your skin. All you do is amplify inflammation in any case to quicken disappearance of pimples.
 5. Rinse your face with lemon juice Lemon juice helps cleanse the face and in anti-acne treatment. Leave the juice to act on face for half an hour then rinse your face with warm water. Studies have shown that lemon juice is effective in killing bacteria that causes acne.The products based thyme and marigold can also help relieve acne.
 6. Apply your skin with chamomile compresses Chamomile improves skin condition and pores. It also has calming and cleaning. Wipe your face morning and evening with a chamomile tea and acne improvement.
 7. Change your creams and foundation If acne is no sign of giving up, try to change the foundation and facial creams. Dermatologists believe that fat in these products leading to worsening acne.Try low-fat creams and products.
 8. Eat more fruits and vegetables Orient to a healthy diet, eating fast food, processed fats and sweets pretty much affects your skin. Plus this aging.
 9. Try cinnamon Why spending money on expensive treatments to get rid of acne? Cinnamon is very effective. How to make cinnamon mask? Very simple. Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon 3 tablespoons of honey and apply the resulting paste on the face. Cinnamon will stop the bacteria causing acne and honey will reduce redness and hydrate the skin. Masks have about 10 minutes left on. 
10. Try Crush 3-4 aspirin aspirin in a bowl and mix them with yogurt and a second spoon of   honey. Apply mask on face and leave resulting it act 15-20 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water. Aspirin has anti-inflammatory effect and reduce redness of the skin.Also, salicylic acid in aspirin helps clean the pores and peeling  the skin. It is very good for fading wrinkles.
 Honey has anti-bacterial properties and soothes the skin.