Wednesday, March 2, 2016


It is said that the hands are our visit cards .
Besides a manicure set, we need to take care of hands and skin.
Let's see what to do to prevent dry hands!
Moisturizer for hands.
Whether it is summer or winter, you must have with you always a moisturizer for hands. You find a lot of creams on the market, some with glycerin, an ingredient that you will keep hands hydrated throughout the day.
Emollient cream for hands will find the emollient hand creams that retain water in the skin and do not allow for drying hands.
These creams are recommended especially in the cold, because they are fat and consistent. It is better to use emollient cream before bed or after bathing.Gloves if your skin is still stubbornly crack, then you have to resort to an old trick, but which will give you each time a much more smooth and moisturized skin.
At night, you sleep, wear some gloves fluffy after you gave the cream.
Do not wash excess.
Most soaps are hard on our skin and leave us tend to dry hands. Instead try using soap too harsh liquid soap or antibacterial gels.
No hot water.
Another rule that you have to remember is: do not wash with hot water. When you wash your hands or you wash dishes, try not to use hot water because you have dry hands after.

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