Tuesday, February 9, 2016


It seems that not only diet and lifestyle affect sleep at night, but the position of the moon, relative to Earth.
Let's see how sleep is affected but the full moon!

Since ancient times, it is believed that moon phases can even influence our personality.

 There are superstitions''flexoffers'' under which the full moon brings out all that is worst in human behavior. 

Although not yet proven, full moon is supposedly "responsible" of suicides, murders and accidents. 
Sleep less. 
A study revealed that full moon nights sleep less. 

The study included both women and men and found that women slept on average 25 minutes less on nights of the full moon, and men up to 50 minutes.

 We are more alert if somehow stay awake in a full moon night, you'll notice that you're more energetic and you will not sleep so easily. If you normally sleepy at a certain time, you will notice that it will take a few hours until you will fall a  sleep. 

And dreams are more intense, looks like our dreams are influenced by the phases of the moon. 

During the full moon, your dreams are more real and more frightening.