Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The shock is used since ancient times because of its strong therapeutic effects. 
It is about Sambuca nigra, the scientific name of the plant, that help treat several diseases of the body.
Here you are  the benefits of elderflower tea  on the body! 

This tea is an excellent detoxifyng and helps in weight loss. 
Tea is a potent diuretic and laxative.

Respiratory problems elderflower help treat the flu, colds, sinusitis, fever and even respiratory problems.
Flower teas are recommended either shock or steam baths. 
Efficient constipation

Being a natural laxative  elderflower tea digestive problems like constipation help or bloating.
In addition, it has analgesic, can be helpful in treating headaches.
This tea helps the immune system and the immune system. Moreover, it stimulates blood circulation, thus helping in maintaining a healthy heart. 
Antioxidant elderberries have antioxidant properties and are used in the preparation of anti-aging masks. 
This tea antioxidant power to help eliminate toxins from the body. 
How to do a elderflower tea ? In 250 ml of boiling water add a teaspoon of elderflower, then cover the bowl for 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten with honey only if necessary.

Contraindications tincture of elderberry not be administered undiluted as it is too strong. Tincture consumption is not recommended in case of diarrhea. In case of ingestion of large quantities, elderflower may occur poisoning symptoms: diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, or heartburn.

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