Monday, January 25, 2016


Asparagus is known to bring important vitamins A, K and C, protein and fiber body. It is a plant particularly valuable, with the perfect ratio of calcium and magnesium, 2 to 1.

 Here are the benefits for your health asparagus!
Asparagus contains inulin, which improves intestinal  micro flora and protects from harmful bacteria. It is best known as a natural detoxifying , stimulates lactation and keeping cholesterol levels in check.

Minerals and amino acids that it contains asparagus, fighting liver cell damage. It is also very indicated in calming menstrual cramps, increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and treats anxiety. It is indicated for gout because it has the property to clean tissues and muscles of waste.

 It is anti-inflammatory and helps treat arthritis and rheumatism.Asparagus contains antioxidants that fight to prevent cataracts and ophthalmic problems, and cancer.

 Folic acid recounted in asparagus takes care of heart health and daily consumption of asparagus, substantially decreases the risk of a heart attack.
 Folic acid prevents asparagus, in pregnant women, birth defects and spina  biffida.

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