Monday, November 9, 2015


Cracked heels are a problem for many women, and it seems that this is worse in the summer.  Here you are  the best treatment for cracked heels. 
Besides the two-liter hydration liquids that have to eat every day to keep your body and skin hydrated, you must purchase and rich hydrating cream. 
There are plenty of creams commercially specially designed for cracked heels that moisturizes your skin and restore the outside inside. 
Apply this cream both morning and evening for best results.
 Exfoliated  products have moisturizing effect, skin should  exfoliated  every week. 
You can use a pumice stone or sponge abrasive gel specifically designed for this problem.
For an even better peeling  you can soak your feet in warm water, in which you add a few drops of olive oil or lavender.
After peeling  is good to use a moisturizer that I mentioned above. The trick with intense moisturizing socks in a few hours, there is a very useful trick. 
Massage your feet with a little olive oil or a thick layer of moisturizer, then go get some socks and stay with them all night.

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  1. Cracked heals are really a big problem of women.Women have to work bare footed sometimes,they have to work even in watery places long.Besides their soft skin has to walk over hard bases.And cracked heals walk in every steps with them in all these.They do need the care of
    best foot massager therefore.