Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Our body needs vitamin D:
1.optimizing bone health cell health. claims fight free radicals organs - heart, liver, kidney, muscle health. 
3.strength and endurance of a healthy immune system. 

4.fight against diseases and maintaining brain health: Mental acuity memory, struggle and help in case of depression and mood change.
Vitamin D fight and help prevent many diseases in both children and adults. Here are some cases in which vitamin D prevents or reduces the symptoms of diseases: 

5. Reduce the risk of diabetes 
Children who have an increased intake of vitamin D have a lower risk of developing diabetes in adulthood. 

 6.Osteomalacia (adult rickets) - for adults with severe vitamin D deficiency lose bone mineral content (low mineralization) and they experience osteomalacia with bone pain and muscle weakness. Osteomalacia can be seen in the elderly who have a diet low in vitamin D, individuals with decreased absorption of vitamin D, to those who are not exposed to enough sun to people who have had stomach or intestinal surgery, in those diseases bone caused by exposure to aluminum in those diagnosed with chronic liver and kidney disease.

7. Prevents Osteoporosis  
Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis. In fact, long-term effect of vitamin D deficiency in the body is to reduce the absorption of calcium to maintain bone structure and firmness. 

8 .Cardiovascular  
Vitamin D is recognized as important for cardiovascular health and vitamin D deficiency is a potential risk factor for several processes that can trigger heart disease.

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