Wednesday, November 18, 2015


To have a healthy and shiny hair should keep in mind a few tricks and tips
.Whether you have oily hair, dull or split ends, you have to consider a few habits that affect your hair! To discover what they are!
1.No hot water
Your hair should not be washed with hot water, as it leads to dehydration. 
For the hair never use water too hot, just warm water.

 Hot water attacks the hair in depth, makes it more brittle and loose hair natural essential oils in this way.
What you eat helps your body stay healthy. 
Even your hair needs vitamins and minerals to look good. There you very drastic diets and consume food in general fish, chicken and red beans, full of protein.

3.No towel after bath early age I learned to wipe thoroughly with a towel until hair is almost dry. In fact, this usually leads to a more brittle hair and split ends occurrence. 
It is best to wrap your hair for 5 minutes in a towel. 

Then towel off the cap and let hair dry naturally.Not many styling products and hair spray foam are real enemies of your hair. You should know that these products are high in alcohol, which leads to excessive hair drying.
Hair is good to let your hair free whenever you get a chance, because catching the tail destroy hair follicles and baldness. 

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