Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Basil is used as a spice often, but it has a lot of benefits for our body, used as a tea basil or basil. 
1.Effect antioxidant basil has antioxidant properties that protect our body from free radicals. Herb contains flavonoid, which protect us from radiation. 
2. Skin problems 
 Basil oil is used successfully in treating skin problems such as acne or psoriasis. If you suffer from acne, which have a natural mask in composition and a few drops of basil oil can help. 
3. Effects antibacterial washing food with less water and essential oil of basil remove bacteria, such as E. coli . They cause most cases of food poisoning. In addition, it is better to use as little oil and basil salad dressing.
 4.Vitamin K basil contains vitamin K, necessary for normal blood clotting and maintaining healthy bones.
 Eat fresh basil to get a maximum amount of vitamin K.
 5 In chronic fatigue herb is effective against fatigue and accumulated or stress. For 2 weeks, every day drink 500 ml of basil tea as it helps cellular oxygenation, removes fatigue and relieve stress. Basil tea is indicated in case of poor digestion, bloating and aid for lazy ball.

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