Saturday, July 11, 2015


Happiness is a feeling hard to get, especially if you run after it.
Experts say that people who are truly happy do not seek happiness, but simply find it even in the smallest things.
Happy people do not seek recognition and do not seek to impress people around and make them pleasing!.
Happy people prefer to have as friends people with positive thinking and a good mood.
Those who are dissatisfied, unhappy or always complain of problems have a positive influence on anyone.
No grudge:
Even if also the happy people have problems and troubles in life, they do not carry grudges on others. Analyze the problem, accept their feelings and try to overcome them, especially if they are negative.
They are not attracted to gossip:
On the contrary, they are less interested in the personal life of others and more focus on the personal welfare.
Do not rely on other people for happiness:
Happy people do not seek happiness in other people and do not need someone else to find their own happiness.
They are not looking for revenge . 
They learn to accept their feelings and not to wish evil to others.