Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Let's to discover some things that affect our sleep!
1.Sleeping position - Apparently the sleep position influences your dreams. People who sleep on their stomachs have erotic dreams, the nightmares sleeping on the left and the right have dreams sleeping soothing and calm
2.What you eat before bedtime -Apparently researchers found a link between dairy and dreams we have at night. If you eat dairy before bed, you're more likely to have some unpleasant dreams. When sleep if you get used to sleep at the normal time and sufficient sleep hours a night, you should not have problems with bad dreams.Instead, people who sleep late or sleep very day, night stand wake up, have more nightmares.
What I think you try to suppress it happened at least once to want to suppress your feelings some, and they invade your dreams. It seems that the subconscious will always try to convey your feelings that you can not ignore as doing so, earn only frustration and bad dreams.
3.Video Games :A psychologist has found that people who play video games frequently possess greater control over what happens in a dream. Explanation would be that they are more ready virtual life.

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