Wednesday, April 1, 2015


So, today we turn to some tips from ancestors to help you have better luck in life, you feel more fulfilled and happy in any plan.Feng Shui philosophy is now used all over the world, to restore internal balance, happiness, peace and calm or a better life.Whatever reason you choose Feng Shui, you should keep in mind some very important elements such as arranging furniture and decorations, color combination and placement of flowers.
Arrange bedroom is probably the most important step to be lucky in love and to be healthy. Place the bed so that it is facing the door because in this way leave positive energies to enter.
Never place the bed under the window, it brings bad luck and leave equal space on both sides of the bed for harmony in a relationship.
The bedroom is to avoid bright light, you beat up. Better opt for an ethereal light, lamps placed on the bed.
No electronics in the bedroom, because you disturb rest and sleep.
Mirrors directed toward the bed are also not a good sign, because in Feng Shui  tradition is believed that this involves a third person in the relationship.
And the colors are of great significance in Feng Shui philosophy, so we must always be careful what colors you use for decoration.
Green represents nature and rebirth, and this color is recommended for rooms where children or studying.
Shades of blue should be placed in the marital bedroom as inspire confidence, honesty (especially if it's blue) or serenity.
White symbolizes purity and justice, and is recommended for rooms management in the companies.
But white can be used for any room of the house, being a color that matches any other that does not disrupt the influence.
Yellow is used mainly in the kitchen or at the entrance of the house as inspire communication and sociability.
Orange is the color is not suitable for the bedroom, because make you nervous.
Use orange in the bathroom or kitchen.
Red, even if it is a symbol of passion and romance, not be used in abundance in the bedroom. If you want to bring some passion in the bedroom, better choose red curtains, bedding or red decorations without charging too much room.
Brown is another important color for Feng Shui  because it is the land of which was born everything around us. 
Therefore the brown color is calm, which can be used mainly in relaxation rooms or bathroom. With the power earth around you will definitely be more lucky.

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